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Southern Angling Fishing Guide Service, TC Lloyd 843-307-6678, Middleburg, Florida offers affordable guided fishing trips. We specialize in year round Crappie, Bluegill, Shellcracker, and Bass fishing on Lake Sante Fe, Lake Loochloosa, Lake Alto, Newnans Lake, Orange Lake, Lake Sampson, Kingsley lake, Lowry Lake, Magnolia Lake and others as requested.


          Crappie is the main target at Southern Angling.  Florida is known for producing some of the largest crappie in the country. It is not uncommon to catch fish over 2lbs in this area.  A variety of different methods can be used to productively catch big crappie in our area, which you will learn during your trip with Southern Angling. At Southern Angling, the biggest fish in the lake are always the target. Read more about our services in About Us .


        The average size bluegill and shellcracker are around 9" in length, with a few over 10" caught periodically. The full moons of April through August provide the best bream fishing with fast paced bed fishing where limits are caught very quickly. Throughout the rest of the year fish can be caught a variety of different ways, depending on the season and conditions, which you will learn on your trip with Southern Angling. Check out our Photo Gallery.


          Fishing lessons for beginners, electronics training, and lake/river tours are also available. Southern Angling is dedicated to putting the best fishing that NE Florida has to offer right at your finger tips. With Southern Angling your trip is guaranteed to produce fish. If you do not catch fish, the trip is 100% free. The quality of your trip and fish are the most important part of Southern Angling. With this incentive you are able to book worry free to ensure that you will have a trip of a lifetime.



or floridacrappieguy@yahoo.com